Bespoke, advanced drone crop spraying systems, specifically designed and developed by the fine folks at KURAI® , to serve you

Our drone crop spraying systems are the most efficient in the market. Our engineering team is dedictaed to always innovate and create products that will never make you worry about crop-spraying again.

Focus on increasing your yields. Let us focus on spraying your crops! Contact Us to get a spraying service quote

  • Advanced sensors and terrain mapping
  • Fast and accurate coverage
  • Highest pesticide utilization efficiency
  • Excellent response time
  • High Affordability
  • High safety, and minimal pesticide exposure to humans

Are you a small / medium scale farmer in South Africa?

Join our Small-Medium Scale Farmers Crop-Spraying group. Share the cost with other farmers. Pay less!


We provide and advocate for data-driven farming practice to primarily increase farming efficiency. Our drone imagery and satellite imagery systems help detect early infections on the crops, and hence deploy early treatment with our treatment systems [ Contact Us for a Crop-Spraying quote ]. This always results in minimal yield loss to pest attacks.

Increase your farm management systems efficiency, by knowing your soil mineral mixture, drainage matrix, and yield estimations, making you ready and knowledge-equiped all the time!


At the core of our values is the respect we have for our clients. There is no better way we can do that than giving you our best. Our process is simple and convinient for you!


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We Serve you

After payment is made, our experienced technical team comes to your farm for the service requested. If you request for crop spraying, a minimum of 24 hours notification is recommended. For a data-systems service, a team comes to your farm within agreement, and sets the required systems for an agreed time period. Contact us for more.



After that, enjoy the convinience of our services and expect increased crop-growth efficiency. We await your next service request, and customer feedback. Help us serve you better!

Making every crop plant count