Data-driven Crop Monitoring& Crop Treatment

Our services

We believe that data driven farming is the future of agriculture, and that future is here. Our cost effective, cutting-edge precision agriculture services include:

Crop Analysis

If you manage a farm, one of the most paramount things to have is information on how your crops and your soil is doing on a continual basis. Take advantage of technological advancements and have detailed information on your crops and soil with KURAI.

We use multi-spectral drones to collect and analyze detailed images of your crops. This means that the health status of your crops are provided to you on a continual basis, and all you have to do is act on the insights we provide. Whether there is a pest infection, poor soil nutrition, dehydration or physician damage of your crops anywhere in your fields, we are able to identify it timely and provide you with the details.

If you also need help acting on the insights by spraying pesticides or applying fertilizers when the situation requires so, we can also help you with our crop treatment solutions for you. Contact us for a trial today.

Crop Spraying

Precision crop spraying using drones. Our crop spraying drones offer the most accurate crop spraying practice, only spraying where it is necessary with the highest pesticide use efficiency.

Coupled with our crop analysis capabilities, you can save on the use and cost of pesticides and fertilizers, while covering hundreds of hectares every single day.

Whether you are managing a few hectares or a couple of hundred hectares, there is no better way ti apply fertilizers and pesticides to your crops than partnering with us. Contact KURAI for a trial

Soil Analysis

Whether it is before the planting season for purposes of planning and fertilizer application before the season, or for fertilizer application in-season, it is always advantageous to know the soil composition at your fields.

With our soil sensing capabilities, you are able to know the condition of your soil continuously and remotely. No need to take soil samples to the lab anymore! This means that you only apply fertilizers where and when needed.

This not only increases your potential crop yields and growth potential, but also decreases your fertilizer usage and input costs. Contact KURAI for a qoutation.